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Pickles the Dog

Kat Socks published her first children's book, titled Pickles the Dog – Adopted last year. Her book became a number one best seller and award winning book in a short period of time. The second book in the series, titled Pickles the Dog - A Christmas Tradition has been released.


Pickles is a real dog who was brought to an animal shelter after the city experienced dangerous flooding in 2011. “She was returned to the animal shelter many times,” says Socks. “She just couldn’t adjust to a new home. Things weren’t looking good for her, so another animal shelter agreed to take her, and that’s when one of my family members adopted her.”


Socks says in the first book, she focused on Pickles adjusting to her newly adopted home. In the second book, Socks focused on family time with Pickles and how they can give during the holiday season. Socks incorporated a Midwestern tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on a Christmas tree, whoever finds it receives and extra gift. Hidden pickles can also be found throughout the pages. Socks donates a percentage of her sales to local animal shelters.



Bismarck, ND, USA


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